Introduction to Water Polo Programme

For Year 5 & 6 Students


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How the programme works:

Each Saturday we will hold a coaching session for your team, followed by a game of water polo - using the skills learned in the coaching session. Approximately 50 minutes in total.


Water polo is a team water sport. The game consists of swimming - with and without the ball - using a special form of treading water known as the eggbeater kick, throwing, catching and shooting the ball. The programme takes place in a deep water pool, but we will use a shortened pool for this programme, to minimise but not eliminate, the swimming factor of water polo. At the early stages of this programme we will focus on teaching the most important thing to a beginning water polo player - the ability to stay afloat using the eggbeater kick. Once a child can do this, they develop their confidence in a deep pool and can participate in the sport regardless of their swimming speed.


Water polo is an exciting, physical sport that requires fitness, endurance, great ball skills and the ability to swim. Many of our young people can’t swim too well yet, but if they are able to swim a bit and can master the eggbeater kick – this growing sport is a remarkable way to increase swimming prowess in a fun environment. We find that children enjoy the game and want to improve – and in order to get better, they work on their swimming.

We will provide:

A water polo programme specifically for the Year 5 and 6 age group with a great programme delivered by our club’s youth coaches and referees. We will also provide very close supervision of the children during the programme, coaching of all the teams, refereeing of the games and all the necessary equipment – caps, balls and goals. There will be a Manurewa Pool lifeguard on duty at all times during the programme.